пятница, 9 июня 2017 г.

The work of our summer camp is over 😯
We are a little bit sorry but at the same time glad to meet summer vocation 👒👙
See you next season of our "Creative Rainbow".Happy holidays🌴🍉🍒 and don't forget to improve your language skills☝

Welcome to our Fairy tales
I would like to note that our children are not only good at English, but also talented actors☉

четверг, 8 июня 2017 г.

Within two days the pupils of our creative camp visited the local history museum and the cinema☝
In the museum we were invited to visit three locations in three different languages, including English. We got acquainted with the flora and fauna of Melitopol, we learned about a great number of nationalities that  live in our homeland👍
In the cinema we enjoyed the animation of the cartoon 👍👫👬👭